Psionic Mimicry

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Through observation and dedication, or perhaps necessity, you have learned how to mimic a spell’s effect with nothing but your mind.

Prerequisite: Wild Talent feat or Psionic Talent feat

Choose a 0-level spell. You may spend 1 power point to cast the spell as a psi-like ability. The psi-like ability is cast at your highest manifester level gained; if you have no manifester level, it functions at Manfester Level 1st. The psi-like ability’s save DC is Charisma-based.

Author's Note: This trait is designed for use with Psionics Unleashed from Dreamscarred Press and related materials. It was originally designed for one of my players as a version of Magical Talent for psionic characters. The most psionic characters will have more powerful effects for one pp, but this provides psionic characters without levels in a class that provides power points a minor ability to use their limited points on.