Antipaladin Archetype: Obsessionbound

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A set of alternate class features that coincide with the Oathbound Paladin options.

All antipaladins are unholy champions of chaos and evil, yet some devote themselves to specific causes with exceptional zeal, swearing great obsessions to cause specific problems or to ruin as many lives trying. This section introduces a new antipaladin archetype, the obsessionbound, and several sample obsessions for antipaladins with that archetype.

Obsessionbound Antipaladin

While all antipaladins have their own codes of conduct, either taught by their cult, handed down from foul gods, or inspired by personal obsession, an obsessionbound antipaladin devotes herself to a singular cause, which grants her additional powers but also gives further edicts she must follow. An obsessionbound paladin swears an obsession to eradicate a certain kind of good. This powerful obsession gives her access to new spells and adds to or alters typical antipaladin abilities.

An obsessionbound antipaladin can take multiple obsessions, but none of the other obsessions can replace or alter the same class feature from the antipaladin class as another alternate class feature. For example, an antipaladin cannot take the Obsession of Corruption and the Obsession of the Red Wyrm because they both replace the aura of cowardice class feature.

Antipaladins who take up an obsession may make a profane promise to their god or cult to perform some specific and vile action associated with the obsession. For example, an obsessionbound antipaladin who takes the Obsession of Violence may be tasked with killing the long lived elf queen, while an antipaladin with the Obsession of the Red Wyrm may be asked to undo a nonaggression pact with a family of dragons. When an antipaladin completes the profane promise, the obsession is fulfilled, and she may abandon the obsession if she so chooses; she may then select another obsession or become a standard antipaladin or a different antipaladin archetype.

If an antipaladin violates the code of her obsession, she loses the class abilities associated with that obsession until she atones. If she violates her antipaladin's code, she loses her obsession abilities as well as her other antipaladin abilities.

An obsessionbound antipaladin has the following class features.

Code of Conduct: The obsessionbound antipaladin must abide by the listed tenets of her obsession in addition to the specifics of her god's code of conduct. In some cases, a deity's or antipaladin order's code may conflict with the obsession's tenets; in most cases, these conflicts mean the obsession is unsuitable for an antipaladin of that deity or order (such as the Obsession of the Red Wyrm with reverence to an evil dragon deity or a dragon-riding cult of antipaladins) and cannot be selected by the antipaladin.

Obsession Spells: An antipaladin's obsession influences what magic she can perform. An obsessionbound antipaladin adds one spell to the antipaladin spell list at each antipaladin spell level she can cast (including spell levels for which she would only gain spells per day if her Charisma were high enough to grant bonus spells of that level). Her obsession determines what spell is added to the spell list. If the antipaladin has multiple obsessions, the spells from each obsession are added to her spell list.

If an obsessionbound antipaladin has more than one obsession, she may prepare any one of her obsession's spells in that slot (similar to a cleric choosing one of her two domain spells to prepare in a domain spell slot).


The following are a selection of obsessions for the obsessionbound antipaladin archetype. Other obsessions may exist, particularly in regard to specific campaign enemies or events (such as elimination of a charitable faction or the destruction of an evil temple).

Obsession of Aberrance

More insidious than meddling devils and more destructive than rampaging hordes are the strange alien entities that bubble up from the deep earth and the strange places beyond the sky. When an antipaladin takes this obsession, she becomes an ally of aberrations, making war on the common people with help from these bizarre threats. Often the antipaladin works in secret, not wanting to tip off heroes about her mission. Within cities they sometimes have underground bases that give access through the sewers and passages to strange vaults where the aberrant creatures live.

Aura of Aberrance (Su): At 3rd level, you gain a +4 profane bonus on saves against spells and effects from creatures of the aberration type. Enemies within 10 feet gain a -1 profane penalty on these saves. This ability functions only while the antipaladin is conscious, not if she is unconscious or dead. This ability replaces aura of cowardice.

Defiling Flame (Sp): At 11th level, you may expend two uses of your smite good ability to ignite your weapon with a defiling blue flame for 1 minute. This flame sheds light as a torch. Aberrations within 20 feet of the flame gain a +4 bonus on attack rolls against your enemies, and your enemies within 20 feet of the flame gain a -2 profane penalty on saving throws against spells and effects from aberrations. This ability replaces aura of vengeance.

Cast into the Void (Su): At 20th level, an antipaladin becomes a conduit for the power of her god. Her DR increases to 10/evil. Whenever she uses smite good and successfully strikes a target flanked by himself and an aberration, the creature must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the antipaladin's level + the antipaladin's Charisma modifier) or be banished to oblivion. This ability does not kill the target, but it is sent to a remote place, such as deep underground or far into space, and cannot return under its own power for at least 100 years.

Whenever the antipaladin channels negative energy or uses touch of corruption to damage a creature, she heals the maximum possible amount. This ability replaces Unholy champion.

Code of Conduct: Aid aberrations and allow them to roam freely and harm others. Help them if you can, or liberate them if you cannot.

Obsession Spells: 1st—true strike; 2nd—acute senses; 3rd—touch of idiocy; 4th—spell immunity.

Obsession Against Celestials

An antipaladin who takes an obsession against angels, archons, and other evil outsiders is constantly subverting benevolent celestial influence in the world, and battles it with swift and unwavering zeal. Often she battles righteous inquisitors while promoting evil outsider manipulation and possession.

Anchoring Aura (Su): At 8th level, an antipaladin's aura hampers extradimensional travel by evil outsiders. The aura extends 20 feet from the antipaladin. Evil outsiders attempting to use abilities such as dimension door, plane shift, or teleport to leave or enter the aura must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the antipaladin's level + the antipaladin's Charisma modifier); failure means the ability does not function, as if the outsider were affected by dimensional anchor. The aura functions only while the antipaladin is conscious, not if she is unconscious or dead.
Alternatively, as an immediate action, the antipaladin can expend one use of her smite good ability to target a good outsider within 30 feet with dimensional anchor. A targeted dimensional anchor persists even if the antipaladin is unconscious or dead.This ability replaces aura of despair.

Unholy Vessel (Su): At 9th level, an antipaladin whose fiendish boon is with a weapon can also use her fiendish boon to augment her armor or shield with enhancement bonuses, or add any of the following armor or shield properties: bashing, fortification, and spell resistance. Adding these properties consumes an amount of bonus equal to the property's cost (see the armor special abilities and shield special abilities tables). She can divide her bonuses from the fiendish boon ability among her weapon, armor, and shield as she sees fit. This ability has no effect for an antipaladin whose fiendish boon is with a mount. This ability replaces the cruelty gained at 9th level.

Code of Conduct: Never suffer an good outsider to live if it is in your power to destroy it. Banish celestials you cannot kill. Purge the good from those supported by celestials.

Obsession Spells: 1st—resist energy; 2nd—detect thoughts; 3rd—dispel magic; 4th—plane shift.

Obsession Against Civility

Some antipaladins are champions of chaos, pledging to battle the armies of dwarves, halflings, philosophical monks, and similar civil folk that dare to create and maintain civilization, as well as those who support society from within, such as manufacturing and merchant guilds. More so than other antipaladins, those who take this obsession expect to fight many creatures at once, and develop special abilities to deal with these numbers.

Unholy Reach (Su): At 2nd level, an obsessionbound antipaladin can expend one use of her smite good ability to extend her natural reach by 5 feet for 1 minute. This does not stack with the Lunge feat. This ability replaces unholy resilience.

Rankbreaker (Su): At 11th level, when the antipaladin hits a good humanoid with an attack of opportunity, she deals an additional 1d6 points of damage. When using unholy reach, the antipaladin may make a number of additional attacks of opportunity per round equal to her Charisma bonus. This increase stacks with similar increases from other sources such as Combat Reflexes. This ability replaces aura of vengeance.

Code of Conduct: Always seek to bring ruin to a community that dares to promote law and goodness. Be the first in line to attack a settlement.

Obsession Spells: 1st—deathwatch; 2nd—protection from arrows; 3rd—haste; 4th—dispel law.

Obsession of Undeath

An antipaladin with this obsession vows to preserve the unnatural state of undeath to any animate corpse she allies herself with, and maintain the undead energy in the process. While a few antipaladins who take this obsession recognize that not all undead are evil, others are quite willing to destroy lawful and good undead.

Detect Undead (Su): This ability works like the standard antipaladin ability to detect evil, except as detect undead instead of detect good. This ability replaces detect good.

Ghost Touch Aura (Su): At 3rd level, the antipaladin's armor is treated as if it had the ghost touch armor property. This does not affect the cost or effect of any other abilities of the armor. At 9th level, this ability also applies to the antipaladin's shield. This ability replaces the antipaladin's 3rd-level and 9th-level cruelties.

Aura of Unlife (Su): At 8th level, the antipaladin gains a +4 morale bonus on saves against attacks that grant negative levels and saves to overcome negative levels. Each enemy within 10 feet of her gains a -2 morale penalty on these saves.

This ability functions only while the antipaladin is conscious, not if she is unconscious or dead. This ability replaces aura of despair.

Superior Channeler (Su): At 11th level, an antipaladin can channel negative energy to heal undead by expending a single usage of her touch of corruption ability instead of two. This ability replaces aura of vengeance.

Code of Conduct: Control or aid all evil undead. Imprison the poor souls turned against their will. Spread the taint of undeath from to the newly dead, stealing or creating the corpses as necessary.

Obsession Spells: 1st—sanctify corpse; 2nd—darkvision; 3rd—animate dead; 4th—slay living.

Obsession of the Red Wyrm

Few dragons see the smaller races of the world as their equals—to most, humanoids are either food or an annoyance. Some antipaladins swear to sacrifice others for the predation of dragonkind. Some include dragon-blooded creatures (such as half-dragons or even sorcerers with the draconic bloodline) in their obsession and team up with red dragons to root out those whose ancestry carries the taint of good dragon magic. Many antipaladins with this obsession are thrill-seekers for the cause of evil, channeling their divine power in ways that allow them to take on their powerful foes head on.

Breath Evasion (Su): At 4th level, an antipaladin with this obsession gains evasion, but only against the breath weapons of creatures with the dragon type. This ability replaces channel negative energy.

Fiendish boon (Sp): This works like the antipaladin's normal fiendish boon ability, except as follows. If the antipaladin's bond is with a weapon, she cannot use that ability to add the brilliant energy, disruption, or merciful weapon properties, but she can add the bane weapon property (but only against good dragons). If the antipaladin's bond is with her steed, the steed gains the antipaladin's aura-based immunities and her aura does not affect allies. This replaces the standard fiendish boon ability.

Dragon-Slaying Strike (Su): At 20th level, an obsessionbound antipaladin becomes a conduit of unholy power. Her DR increases to 10/good. Whenever she uses smite good and successfully strikes a dragon, the dragon is also subject to a single-target unholy word, using her antipaladin level as the caster level. After the banishment effect and the damage from the attack are resolved, the smite immediately ends. In addition, whenever she channels negative energy or uses touch of corruption to damage a creature, she deals the maximum possible amount. This ability replaces Unholy champion.

Code of Conduct: Slay good dragons, as well as other lawful dragons whether or not they are good. Prevent the bloodlines of other creatures from being blessed with good draconic power. Sacrifice the innocent for the predation of evil dragons.

Obsession Spells: 1st—enlarge person; 2nd—bear's endurance; 3rd—fly; 4th—stoneskin.

Obsession of Greed

Greed is more than just stealing money from a temple or a cause—it is about the necessity of theft to help yourself. Those who take this obsession dedicate their lives to destroying those who can't protect themselves and taking from those who are in need. They are greedy to a fault, the most untrustworthy of enemies, and steal from others without recourse. Antipaladins who take the obsession of greed more often rob and pillage than pay for anything.

Selfish Hands (Su): At 2nd level, an antipaladin with this obsession heals 50% more when she uses touch of corruption on herself, but 50% less than the normal amount when she uses it to harm others. Using touch of corruption to heal undead heals the normal amount of hit points. Only through use of this ability can a living antipaladin heal from negative energy. This ability otherwise works like and replaces touch of corruption.

Selfish Cruelty (Su): At 5th level, an antipaladin with this obsession is more flexible with her cruelties than other antipaladins. At the start of each day, an antipaladin with this obsession can select her cruelties anew from the list of available cruelties. This ability replaces fiendish boon.

Code of Conduct: Always offer help to evil creatures who need it, for a hefty price. Always steal what is left from the poor and destitute. (In settlements, this theft is often performed by stealing from charitable religious organizations, rather than the antipaladin being required to shake out coppers from every beggar in the street.)

Obsession Spells: 1st—magic stone; 2nd—make whole; 3rd—magic vestment; 4th—imbue with spell ability.

Obsession of Perversion

A perverted antipaladin proves her vileness by way of her action and her insistence on perverse activities. Many believe that this obsession is only about sex, but it is really an obsession rejecting the notion that a single type of victim could be more sporting than another—it is this perceived taboo that the bearer of the Obsession of Perversion strives to reject. In doing so, she gains putrifying power.

Putridity of Mind (Su): At 2nd level, the antipaladin gains a +4 profane bonus on saves against charm effects and figments, and gains a bonus equal to her Charisma modifier on Will saving throws. This ability replaces unholy resilience.

Putridity of Body (Su): Upon reaching 8th level, the antipaladin has a 50% chance to turn any critical hit or sneak attack against her into a normal hit, as if she were wearing fortification armor. This ability replaces aura of despair.

Code of Conduct: Engage in violent romantic relationships or twisted sexual acts whenever possible.

Obsession Spells: 1st—cause fear; 2nd hold person; 3rd contagion 4th--fear.

Obsession of Betrayal

To most antipaladins, their word means less than nothing. When they say something, it will rarely be done. Those who take this obsession must lie and deceive to achieve their goals. The obsessionbound antipaladin's word is an unsure thing, a profane bond, and also a greater power in the cause of chaos and evil. She is careless with her words, making empty promises and reveling in telling falsehoods.

Betraying Obsession (Su): Once per day, an obsessionbound antipaladin can choose an unwilling creature within line of sight as the target of her betraying obsession. When the antipaladin is adjacent to the target of her betraying obsession, she grants herself a profane bonus on saving throws and to Armor Class equal to the antipaladin's Charisma bonus, but only against that chosen target. The betraying obsession lasts 1 minute, or until the antipaladin dismisses it (a free action) or discharges it (see below), whichever comes first.

If the target is struck by another enemy and the antipaladin is adjacent to that target, as an immediate action she may make a single melee attack against that target; making this attack ends the betraying obsession. At 4th level and every three levels thereafter, the antipaladin may use her betraying obsession one additional time per day. This ability replaces smite good.

Deceitful Blade (Su): At 8th level, whenever the target of the antipaladin's betrayal obsession is hit with a melee or ranged attack, if the antipaladin is adjacent to the target, she can spend an immediate action to have the attack automatically hit automatically critically hit the intended target. This ends the betrayal obsession.
Code of Conduct: Break all promises. Always make an obsession or promise lightly. Never make a promise you intend to keep.

Obsession Spells: 1st—wrath; 2nd --darkness 3rd—nondetection; 4th—poison.

Obsession of Violence

While all antipaladins uphold the principals of chaos and evil, most times these ideas must have a ruthless and bloody side. It often falls upon an antipaladin to bring injustice in the form of violence upon benevolent champions against chaos and evil. These obsessionbound antipaladins are always on the hunt for those who have perpetrated good, and are the instrument of the Abyss' most definitive and detestable wrath.

Channel Wrath (Su): When an obsessionbound antipaladin reach 4th level, she can spend two uses of her touch of corruption ability to gain an extra use of smite good that day. This ability has no effect for an antipaladin who does not have the smite good ability. This ability replaces channel negative energy.

Powerful Injustice (Su): At 11th level, an obsessionbound antipaladin may spends one use of her smite good ability to grant her allies within 10 feet the ability to smite good, except they only gain the antipaladin's bonus to damage, not her smite's attack bonus or ability to bypass DR. This ability replaces aura of vengeance.

Obsession Spells: 1st—wrath; 2nd bull’s strength 3rd—vampiric touch 4th—chaos hammer.

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