Dual Wand Wielder

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As the drink was thrown in the mans face, he smiled inwardly. No weapon visible? He was asking to get messed with but when he reached into his vest and pulled out a wand, his heart sank. He didnt look like a magic user, but when the mad pulled a second wand out and held them like he knew how to use them, he realized he made an error of judgement.

"Um, sorry, let me get you another drink..."

Craft Wands, Dexterity 15

As a Full Round action, you may use a wand that is in your main hand and primary hand at the same time. The wand in your off hand requires an additional charge to use and the wands need not be used on the same target.

Optionally, you amy instead expend charges from each wand as normal and the wand in your main hand gains either +1 caster level, +3 DC or +3 caster check to overcome spell resistance. To do this, each wand must contain the same spell, with a caster level no less than half of the main wand.

Author's Note: Just imagine: Not exactly the same as the previous one, but still.
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