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You charge each of two pistols in your hands with spell energy and unleash it with in a blast of energy.

Two-Weapon fighting, Pistol weapon proficiency, able to cast 2nd level spells (either divine or arcane)

You can take a full round action to charge two pistons, one in each hand with spell energy. Charging a pistol with spell energy requires that you sacrifice one available spell per pistol. On the next round you fire both pistols at the same time to release the spell energy in a 60ft line dealing 1d6 force damage per spell level charged. If a charged spell has an energy discriptor like [fire] it deals that energy type instead. If a charged spell deals damage you add it's normal damage on top of the 1d6 per spell level damage. Example you charge a scorching ray into one pistol the blast from that pistol deals 2d6 plus the 4d6 from the scorching ray all as fire damage.

When charging a spell you are subject to attacks of opportinity as if you were casting a spell.

Anyone caught in the area of effect can make a Reflex save for half. The DC is 10+the combined charged spell levels.

Author's Note: This is inspired from Devil May Cry games.

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