Nihonto Proficiency (Combat)

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You have trained extensively with nihonto, the curved swords of the "Shogunate" region of the "East."

Base Attack Bonus +1, Dex 15

You gain proficiency in all of the following weapons. Some of these weapons are martial while others are exotic--if you already have martial weapon proficiency, you only gain proficiency in the exotic weapons listed.

You have trained in the tanto (or yoroi toshi), wakizashi (or kodachi), uchigatana (or taichi), katana (one- or two-handed), nodachi (or odachi) and zanbato (or dotanuki).

This training also includes the benefits of Two-Weapon Fighting, but only when using a long nihonto (katana or uchigatana) in one hand and a short nihonto (wakizashi or tanto) in the other. This pairing is called a daisho.

One must separately take Martial Weapon Proficiency or Exotic Weapon Proficiency for each additional weapon studied. One must select the Two-Weapon Fighting feat to gain its full benefit at all times.

This feat does not include training in straight swords made in the nihonto style--such as the kaiken (dagger), ninjato (short sword), or chokuto (longsword). Training with the "western" (in parentheses) variety includes the "eastern" variety as well.

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