Crushing Bull Rush (Combat)

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Your Bull Rushes are so powerful that you are able to slam your targets hard enough to cause signifigant damage.

Fighter Level 7, Str 15, Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush

You must beat your opponents CMD by at least 5 to use this feat. You can only use this feat on a target one size category larger than you or smaller. If you force an opponent into a wall or other solid object, he stops as normal. However your momentum crushes him - you deal an amount of damage equal to 4d6 + twice your strength bonus, if any. To cause this damage the object must be at least half as tall (whether reaching down from the ceiling or up from the floor) as the target, weigh at least as much as the target and be considered to occupy at least a 5 foot square (3 dimensionally speaking). If something about the object normally causes damage or has an effect it still causes that damage; i.e. a wall with spikes in it.

Objects such as tables and the like that are not effectively attached to the floor or ceiling cause no damage unless they are heavy enough to not be moved by the bull rush; i.e. a wooden table would move but a solid block of stone would not.

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