Cutpurse Coin

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Korvell always carried a loose coin purse slung on a loose belt. He was never worried about it getting stolen.

Aura: strong conjuration; CL 20th
Slot: none; Price: artifact; Weight: 1/3 lb.

While the Cutpurse Coin appears to be a simple, if antiqued gold coin, it holds a magic that most of its owners never begin to suspect.

If the Cutpurse coin is spent, it has a value of 1GP and nothing unusual happens. However, if this coin is stolen, its magic activates. Exactly one day to the second from the time the Cutpurse Coin is stolen (No matter how many times the coin changes hands after being stolen), it always teleports back to its owner, along with any precious metals or gems within 10ft of it at the time. While this usually means the original cutpurse looses the contents of his coin purse, or even the coin purses of a few passerby, on occasion the Cutpurse Coin returns with something more...

Requirements: The Cutpurse Coin can be destroyed if it is stolen three or more times in a single day. Once this happens it becomes a simple gold coin worth exactly 1 gp.

Author's Note: I created this item as something of a joke on my players. I expect that they will quickly start to abuse its power. If only they knew what kind of a double edged sword they held.

I spent a little time talking about the implications of this item with another GM I know. We both had a good laugh as we told different stories of the coin's daily travels. One of my favorates was where the coin was stolen from the character, the cut purse then spent the coin at a merchant's stall, the merchant then used the coin to pay the King's tax collector before it was taken to the King's treasure vault for storing. The next day, the character is setting in the common room of a local inn when a mountain of gold appears on the floor beside him. Unfortunately for the character, the King takes the theft of his gold VERY personally.

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