Artifact: Knife of Brian

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This simple-looking knife holds incredible power.

Aura: strong evocation; CL 18th
Slot hand; Weight 1 lb.

Long ago, when the gnomes emerged from the First World, their first encounters with the denizens of Golarion met occasionally with hostility and agression. One of these encounters was between a tribe of ogres and a clan of gnomes led by Brian. The gnomes were unprepared, and the ogres viciously slaughtered and ate the entire clan. Only Brian escaped.

The weapon he carried was a simple carving knife, now stained with ogre blood. In Brian's fury and need for revenge, he prayed to the goddess Calistria. His devotion to her and his unwavering anger lasted even unto his death a month after the battle. Some say he died of his anger, a new feeling to gnomes. Some say a strange disease from the ogre blades killed him. The only thing certain was that after his death, his knife contained incredible power.

This small knife (1d2 dmg) is all that is left of Brian. And then again, because the knife still exists, some say he hasn't died, but lives to this day.

The Knife of Brian has the following properties and abilities:

+3 Enhancement Bonus, Shocking Burst, Icy Burst, Flaming Burst, Giant Bane, Vicious
Int: 13, Wis: 10, Cha: 11
Alignment: Neutral
Empathy, Detect Giants within 60 ft. at will
Special Purpose: Defeat/Slay Giants but the knife has a particular hatred for Ogres
Ego: 14

Author's Note: This is an artifact that has seen use in my Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords Campaign.

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