Bracer of the Humonculus

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Vlorak always wanted to be a better necromancer. He loved watching his puppets of flesh tear into his foes. It was one fine summer night when the stench of the graveyard was exceptionally putrid that he came up with an idea how he could be even closer to what he loved to create.

Aura: moderate necromancy; CL 11th
Slot wrist; Price: 81,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This single bracer is two pieces that snap together. When placed on the same wrist while snapped together, strange necromantic magic becomes available to the bearer. Appearing as black leather pieces adorned with spinal bone fragments along the back and ribs clamping around the wrist and forearm.

Adorning the bracer activates its necromantic magic and severs the hand and half the forearm from the rest of the arm. It remains attached due to the bracer. The severed part becomes undead under control of the wearer of the bracer. While the bracer is still attached, one half to the body, one half the hand, the undead hand counts as an undead graft, a part of the wearer's body.

Releases in the ribcage latch in the middle of the bracer allow the undead hand to disconnect from the body and move independantly under the control of the wearer.

The undead graft cannot see of its own accord unless modified to be able to. Modifying the undead hand works the same as working with any other undead. While the undead hand is magically connected to its creator, the creator gains a +1 profane bonus to Caster Level for all Necromancy spells, and the DC's to resist his necromancy spells are increased by +2. At the same time, he takes a -1 penalty to Caster Level for any Good-aligned, Positive Energy, or Healing spell he casts, and must succeed with a Concentration check of DC 15 + spell level.

The bracer, if removed while the arm is detached, causes the wound to open and bleed, initially dealing 20 points of damage and bleed 5 until healed by magical means. In addition, the undead hand now is under its own control. Removing the bracer while the undead hand is attached to the body, leaves the hand attached as an undead graft.

To restore the hand, remove curse must first be cast upon the hand itself (DC 14 Caster Level Check) followed by a raise dead spell (Special: target only suffers one negative level instead of the normal two, as its only a small part of the body, and this negative level is a temporary negative level lasting 1 week).

The Strength and Dexterity of the hand is equal to the originators Strength, and Dexterity, it has no Constitution score and no Intelligence score. While connected to the originator by the bracer, its saving throws are the same as the originators. Once magical control is lost, the undead hand is treated as a zombie. The Hand has a number of HD equal to the level of the originator (D10), and has a natural armor bonus of +4.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Create Undead, Bestow Curse, onyx gem worth at least 1,000 gp; Cost: 41,500 gp

Author's Note: I came up with this idea for an evil cleric. This is really just the base item. One can adjust it with further magics to make it hold other properties as well, and to disguise the object to appear as something else. The first idea was for the cleric to use on himself to increase his necromantic powers and capabilities, since he would then have an undead graft that is far more versatile than just your average graft.

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