Spine of the Succubus

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"Come Vlorak, I can make you powerful! I can teach you..." Sei'lehn, the Succubus, was silenced with a gentle finger of Vlorak's cold dead hand. "Shh, my darling demon. I don't need you to teach me anything." Sei'lehn didn't think a mere mortal could phase her, she could control the hearts and minds of men at will! Something about Vlorak's grin caused her to shiver. Soon, Vlorak patted the spine around his waist. It took a bit of creativity, but indeed, the Succubus' power was his without having to put up with her retched and controling voice!

Aura: overwhelming necromancy; CL 18th
Slot belt; Price: 216,400 gp; Weight 6 lbs.

With a little evil and a lot of desire, many things can be done. This belt, adorned with the horns and the leather from the wings of a succubus wrapped around the very spine of the same demon grants demonic powers to the wearer. The wearer gains the following powers from the Succubus while wearing the belt. A constant Detect Good effect. At will, the wearer may Charm Monster (DC 22), Detect Thoughts (DC 20), and use greater Teleport (Self, plus 50 lbs. of objects only). Once per day, Dominate Person (DC 23).

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Imbue with Spell Like Ability, Create Greater Undead, Channel Negative Energy class feature, a live succubus in which the process of creation is done while tearing the Succubus apart, an onyx gem worth at least 400 gold pieces.; Cost: 216,400 gp

Author's Note: Sometimes evil just needs to go to a new level! Sometimes you have to take things from others to finally get what you want. "Having nothing builds character!!" Penny's Mom, Hairspray

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