Forge Goblin

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Many centuries ago, a small tribe of goblins was, as is not uncommon for their kind, rounded up by a band of orcs and forced into a war with humans and elves and their ilk. And as usual, they were used as shock troops. Their clerics, worshiping their evil god, were fine with this and eagerly whipped and goaded the tribe into the war. When the war was over, and the orcs routed, the tribe (now half it's former size) turned on their clerics and slaughtered them, and foreswore their former god. They then traveled into the lost regions, never to be seen again. At least, not as they were.

Forge goblins are highly variant by sex. Males are, for small creatures, powerfully built. They are workhorses extraordinaire, able to work in hot forges all day and night when necessary. Females, on the other hand, while much larger than normal goblins, are deft of hand and eye, graceful yet frail. Only superficially do they resemble the crude goblins they are descended from, holding them in disdain and pity for the most part.

Society: Forge goblins are stand offish and highly martial in their way of life. It is important to them to guard their temple city, and every forge goblin is considered a part of their defense force. A forge goblin cannot gain adulthood until they have created their own armor, both male and female, and every forge goblin is skilled in some form of crafting. This armor is traditionally handed down to the eldest child, so that they can use it as raw materials to create their own adulthood armor. It is interesting to note that it is armor, not weapons, that signify adulthood. This is the influence of their god, placing importance on defense over offense.

Relations: Forge goblins hold their weaker, frailer cousins in regard that is somewhere between distaste, pity, and comraderie. They identify with those whom they descended from, but consider most of them hopelessly evil and degenerate. They will always welcome any goblin who professes to turn from their evil ways, but hold them up to high standards. They have sporadic contact with other races, but tend to have peaceful relations with anyone that comes to trade with them. They will not chase off strangers, but they are not friendly to newcomers, and it takes much effort to be considered a friend.

Alignment and Religion: Forge goblins worship Sho'Va Khore, an ancient deity worshiped by a civilization that has long since died. Sho'Va Khore is the last of his pantheon, and was nearly faded away when the remnants of the original goblin clan found a long lost forge temple belonging to him. Taking pity on the weak goblins, he began teaching them and they in turn worship him with a ferver that can be scary at times to those who are not used to it. Sho'Va Khore is a Lawful Neutral god of Forges, Creation and Beauty. His original form is unknown, his avatars now take the form of powerful forge goblins. It is believed that his avatars breeding with the original goblin tribe that created the new forge goblin tribe. Any forge goblin that mates with a standard goblin will produce forge goblin offspring.

All forge goblins (regardless of actual class) consider themselves to be a part of the Priesthood of Sho'Va Khore. It is not at all unusual for a forge goblin to have at least one or two levels of the Cleric class.

Adventurers: Forge goblin adventurers are almost always recently elevated to adulthood, and are out on quests to find new ores, new methods of forging or creating items, or new methods of creating art. It is worth much regard within their people to bring home a new method that is unknown to the master smiths, builders, or makers.

Forge Goblin Racial Traits

Small Size

20 ft. Base Speed

Senses: Lowlight Vision

Languages: Forge goblins begin play speaking Goblin, Common. Forge goblins with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Draconic, Orc, Dwarven.

Male Forge Goblin Modifiers

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Males are large and strong, but are gruff and insular to all but their closest friends.

Workhorse: Due to the modifications wrote by Sho'Va Khore, Male forge goblins gain all the benefits of the Endurance feat. They are also able to carry more weight than their size would normally allow (increase their size by one category when determining their maximum load).

Powerful Build: Male forge goblins are so powerfully built, that they are treated as one size category larger whenever it is to their advantage for purposes of CMD, CMB, or any special attack such as Swallow Whole.

Craftsmen: Male forge goblins receive a racial bonus of +2 on all Craft Checks involving Weapons, Armor, or any metal object. This bonus also applies to Appraise checks for the same items.

Female Forge Goblin Modifiers

-2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma: Female forge goblins are as tall as their male counterparts, but have slighter builds. Their inherent deftness and grace make them oddly attractive to most species. While frailer than their male counterparts, they are more deft and intelligent. Most fine detail work, be it engraving, clockwork, or fine jewelry are crafted by the females of the tribe.

Deft Musculature: Female forge goblins have extremely deft musculature and fine motor control. They gain a +2 Racial bonus on all Craft checks involving mechanical devices and fine detail work (such as engravings, jewelry, crossbows, siege weapons, clockworks, and so forth). They also gain a +2 racial bonus on Disarm Device checks.

Grace: The Female forge goblin's deft musculature and fine motor control give them an almost ephemeral grace when moving. This gives them a +2 bonus to Acrobatics and Stealth checks.

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