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An Heir-Fiend is any partblood fiend whose blood is between about a third and a sixth fiendish. Any more, and the being is a Half-Fiend, any less, and it would be a Tiefling.

Most commonly the offspring of a half-fiend and a mortal, they are often seen as a mongrel race by their more pure-blooded relatives, and are feared by the mortal races for their heritage. Thus, they are hated even more than their half-fiend relations, and often scorn both fiends and mortals.

Fiend Type: On character creation, a character must select to be Heir-Demon, Heir-Devil or Heir-Yugoloth. This is the strongest type of fiendish blood in them.

Alignment: Any, though tend towards evil.

Type: Outsider (Native)

Level Adjustment: +2

Half-Fiend Racial Traits

+4 to one ability score and +2 to three other ability scores

Darkvision: Half-fiends can see in the dark to a range of 60 ft.

Heir's Resilience: An heir-fiend has a +4 on saves vs poison, and 2+(level/2) resistance to fire, cold and acid to a maximum of 7.

Wings: An heir-fiend has wings, similar to their fiendish parent. Movement is twice base land speed, with Average mobility.

Weakness in Metal: All resistances and DR granted by the heir-fiend race are ignored by either Cold Iron (if an heir-demon) or alchemical silver (if an heir-devil). If the half-fiend is an heir-Yugoloth, he must choose one of the above metals to be weak against at first level. This cannot be changed.

Heir's Hatred: Heir fiends scorn their parent races as much as those races hate them. An heir-fiend suffers a -2 on any diplomacy checks.

Natural Weapons: An heir-fiend has two claw attacks and a bite attack. At the GM's discretion, the character may take monster feats pertaining to natural weapons.

Spell-Like Abilities: An heir-fiend has a cumulative number of spell-like abilities set by its level. Unless otherwise noted, an ability is usable 1/day. CL equals the character's level. These abilities make use of either Intelligence or Wisdom (chosen at 1st level) for save DCs. Should the statistic he chose to base his spell DCs on ever fall below 10, he may not use any of these spell-like abilities until the statistic has been restored to at least 10. A Good-aligned half-fiend may, at the GM's discretion, swap all of these spells for their Good equivalents.

Level Spell
Darkness 1/day
3rd Darkness 2/day
5th Desecrate
7th Unholy Blight
9th Poison 2/day
11th Contagion
13th Blasphemy
15th Unholy Aura 2/day
17th Unhallow
19th Horrid Wilting

Racial Feats

These feats may be taken as general feats. They may never be taken using bonus feats.

Fiend's Hide

Half-Fiend or Heir-Fiend, 3rd level. Con 14

Your skin becomes more resilient. You gain DR 5/Magic. This DR is also ignored by the metal from Weakness in Metal.

Author's Note: This race is level adjusted. This uses the same rules for level adjustment from D&D 3.5. It is advised that these races only be used in games where the starting level is at least twice the level adjustment. Therefore, using a race with a +2 level adjustment is ill-advised in a game starting at 3rd level or lower.

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