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Half human, half vampire, or a mixed descendant of a Dhampir and another race.  Dhampirs tend to have semi-pale skin and the color of their irises are divided diagonally, the top half is always blood red and the bottom is any available to the other race.  Dhampirs have a deep hatred for their vampiric parents and are more often than not shunned by humans and most other races.  If you are a dhampir a half-elf is always your best friend.  The two races have been allies since the dawn of the dhampir race.

Dhampir Racial Traits

Pure Dhampir: +2 Charisma, -1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity - Dhampirs are very charismatic and a little more flexible than humans, being a child of a vampire they are a slightly frailer than humans.
Level Adjustment: +1

Dhampir-Other Hybird: +2 Charisma, -1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity and other bonues from their other race.
Level Adjustment: Base creature +1

Medium Size: Dhampirs are medium sized creatures and have no special bonuses based on size.

Normal Speed: Dhampirs have a base speed of 30 ft.

Perfect Darkvision: Dhampirs can see in full detail and color in total darkness.

Sensitivity to Light: Dhampirs take a -2 to perception checks in direct sulight.

Bite: Dhampirs have a natural 1d4 bite attack.  If a Dhampir hybrid already has a bite attack, use the higher damage.

Blood Drink: Ater a successful attack the Dhampir must make a  grapple check.  If the grapple is successful, the victim takes 1d4 temporary Constitution damage.  The Dhampir gains temporary hp equal to damage dealt.

Faint Heart Beat: Dhampirs are considered humanoid for purpose of racial effects.

Draining Strike: as a full round action a dhampir may make an attack and if successful the target must roll a DC of 15+ dhampir's Cha mod or lose one of their standard actions for their next turn.  If a dhampir wants to repeat this ability they must first drink blood or rest for 6 hours.

Languages: Dhampirs learn common and with a Int score of 10+ can learn any non secret language.

Author's Note: I've had always wanted to role play a dhampir, so I decided to make it into a race.

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