Yet Another Pathfinder Character Generator

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YAPCG is a spreadsheet tool which is designed to work on Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc and Open Office Calc. It can be used equally well on machines running Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

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With YAPCG you can create and manage your characters for all your Pathfinder games.

Get automatic calculations based on

  • Character race
  • Character classes
  • Alternate Racial Options
  • Class Archetypes
  • Feats selected
  • Skills selected
  • Magic items carried
  • Familiars (as allowed)
  • Animal companions (if allowed) and mounts
  • Eidolons for Summoners
  • Wealth

Once the character is ready you can either print out a nicely formatted paper copy for use at the gaming table or take your laptop with you to use the sheet during the game. In addition to character stats, YAPCG also helps you keep track of Equipment (mundane and magical), Spells for spellcasting classes (not just spell names but casting time, duration, area of affect, range, and descriptive text on the spells effects). The sheet utilizes rules regarding metamagic feats/magic items to let you add metamagic feats to your spells. All affected spell effects are modified to show the changes. You can look up any spell to determine the effects and requirements for the spell to determine if it is a spell you want to prepare.

YAPCG shows you the location (Book and page number) of all special abilities, equipment information and spell information. These locations also serve as hyperlinks. If you click on the reference information you will be sent to the relative page of the Pathfinder SRD. While all rules are implemented in the character sheet, you have the option of choosing to ignore certain rules as allowed by your GM.

What separates YAPCG from other sheets is:

YAPCG is compatable with Open Office Calc, LibreOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel (2007 or later). YAPCG will work equally well on Windows, Mac or Linux. YAPCG tries to combine a large feature set with default values that limit the amount of time you need to "fiddle" with the sheet to get the results you need.

Sources Implemented

New source material is added on a weekly basis. Visit the website to see everything that has been implemented