Tealpanda's Pathfinder Character Sheet

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This character sheet is designed to be printed out before you write on it. It does not have any form-fill functionality.

There is a general front page, a general back page, and an alternate back page designed for characters with companions / familiars / eidolons / etc. The design was inspired by Neceros' sheet.

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Twin Agate Dragons' Pathfinder Landscape Character Record Sheet

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Horizontal character sheets are the norm. Looking to break out of the norm? Then download this landscape character sheet today!

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Dyslexic Studeos Pathfinder Character Sheet

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More than 50 pages of character sheets, with all the classes from the official Pathfinder rulebooks, along with familiars, party funds, character backgrounds, NPCs and map templates. Everything you need for a Pathfinder game.

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Brandon's Pathfinder Portfolio

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This is a Twelve page PDF that incorporates all the pathfinder rules, plus optional features from other styles of D20 gaming. It is easy to use portfolio for quick-flip style players. Great for players who love to get back to the pencil & paper style of play.

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Deer's Druid Wild Shape Character Sheet

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This sheet is a help to druid players who need an easy sheet for their wild shapes. You can add the modifiers for your animal/elemental form along with the relevant stats for your humanoid-form. There is room for two forms on the sheet, but you can of course always just print an extra.

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Author's Note: I just started playing a druid, and figured that a sheet for a few of the forms players use most often could be useful. It contains room for the normal state, and the modifiers for the animal size. Also spaces for extra animal feats, the natural weapons and the modified AC. As I use the official Pathfinder logo I also added the disclaimer for homebrew.

Juan's Printer Friendly Goodness

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A highly printer-friendly character sheet focused on clean, minimalist design.

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Author's Note: I got tired of how "busy" most character sheets look, so I made my own. I stole a couple of elements from the sheets for 4th edition D&D, like having the magic item list on the front, so you can simply glance down and see what you are wearing. Also, I used the fonts from the Basic D&D set and the 1st edition books to build the sheet. Made entirely in OpenOffice, total work time about six hours.

One Page Character Sheet

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Intended for people that know the mechanics and don't need a sheet filled with calculations.  All you need to know during the game, nothing extra.  Simple sheet, 1 page, and clean.  Easy to print.

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Mufasa's 3.75 Character Sheet

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Horizontal two-page character sheet with everything you need! Keep forgetting about your dwarven plate that gives you 3/- ? Never again with spots for damage reduction, spell resistance, even fortification on the front page!

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FuzzGoddess' Pathfinder Character Sheet

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Beautiful, Simple, Printer friendly, Organized. 2 page portrait character sheet for all player types. PDF format. Used official Pathfinder logo in corner for a professional look. I want everyone to enjoy what I think is the best character sheet I've ever created. ;)

Author's Note: I hope everyone enjoys this sheet! I got a lot of feedback from my various gaming groups. We're about to start our third Adventure Path!

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Slashcard's Spell Sheet

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I constructed this spell sheet because of the lack of decent alternatives available for printing. There are a number of options for pre-generated sheets, but I wanted to develop a sheet that allowed for customization, and character specific details (and best of all, is designed for pencil usage).

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