Pathfinder Spell Database

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The complete listing of all Pathfinder spells as a portable, self-contained executable. Includes details on every spell. The spell list can be filtered by virtually any stat, including school, subschool, type, class and spell level, and required components. The database also calculates market value for potions, scrolls, and wands. Whether you're a spellcaster wanting to find that one perfect spell, or a player wanting to know the market value for that potion you just found, this database can be a real time saver.

The executable will work on any modern PC running Windows XP or later. It is totally self-contained. It requires no installation, uses no configuration files, and does not alter the registry. Perfect for carrying around on a memory stick.

Download ZIP (2.7 Mb)

Author's Note: Thanks to Mike Chopswil for releasing the original data used to populate this database in CSV format, and to Paizo Publishing for making what 4.0 should have been.