Pendulum Blades

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A master rogue know how to guard his treasure chamber -- by trapping people in it!


PendulumBladesThis room represents the only exit from the master rogue's treasure chamber.  The heroes had a moderately difficult time getting in, getting past several trips and traps.  They survived that last one, but only barely; and it caused a complete collapse of the ceiling, leaving the way they came in impassable.  Only someone with a dexterity somewhere north of 20 could possibly have gotten through it without triggering it.

Anyway, the heroes have all the loot, and they have found a secret passage with the scent of fresh air coming through it.  They only have to get past this last room to escape, and be rich men, albeit forever hunted by the master rogue whom they just ripped off.

They open the door to see two sets of swinging blades.   The two sets swing opposite each other, such that they reach the outer edges of the room together and pass in the middle.  Looking down (carefully not sticking a head actually into the room), the floor of the room is about 4 feet below the floor of the hallway in which the heroes are standing.  (The dotted line shows the outline of the door that they just opened.)  The blades alternate, with less than an inch between adjacent blades in one set, exactly the space needed for one blade of the other set to swing through.  The blades swing all the way to the walls on both sides, and are less than an inch off of the floor in their entire path.  It takes about 2 seconds for the blades to swing from one side of the room to the other, and they don't seem to be slowing down at all.

Anything put into the space that the blades swing through will be sliced, diced, then just mangled completely.  The blades are the equivalent of +3 blades, though they will lose their magic if removed from this room.  The blades swing much too fast for anyone to run across, and who knows if that door on the other side is unlocked. 

The rogue put this room in so that he could escape if he ever accidentally triggered the trap that collapses the main exit, but hopefully someone with less dexterity and cleverness would not.  In any case, it will be very hard to take much treasure with them. 

The trick is to climb up above the blades, in the cradle area made by their flanges -- to one side of the cylinder that holds the blades.  You'll go up and down, being transferred from one set of blades to the other set, but there is room between the flange and the ceiling to squirm your way along.  It is nearly impossible to do wearing any bulky armor, and there is no way to carry anything bigger than a small bag of coins. 

Acrobatics roll DC 25 to get across.  You can take a 10, but not a 20.  Failure by more than 10 points means you slip in the way of the blade and take 3d6 damage.

  • All armor check penalties are tripled.
  • +2 if there is something to stand on to climb in or +4 if someone who can lift your weight helps you climb in.
  • -4 with medium encumbrance
  • -8 with heavy encumbrance

The door on the other side will open to a push, and you can tumble out.

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