Greedy Rust Monster Trap

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Catch your greedy players with a devastating and deadly trap. The Rust Monsters are hungry...

Greedy Rust Monster Trap

CR 5 (1,600 XP)

Type magic; Perception DC 20 (magical rune engraved on the inside of the lid)


Trigger touch; Reset manual

So here's the setup. The players enter a medium sized room, say 30ft by 30ft and 20ft high. Leave the room generally empty for maximum volume. On the opposite side of the room is a door or poorly hidden secret door for the players to find. Once the players venture through the door they find a smaller room with a large chest on the opposite end. Upon further inspection the chest is fashioned to ground and gives off a magic aura of conjuration for those who have detect magic.

Once the chest is opened the players find themselves face to face with the GM's desired amount of currency. I personally used 1000 platinum pieces to entice the players. Behind them, unknown to the players a Rust Monster is spawned (Teleported) in the previous room. Once the chest is closed, the players hear the chest fill back up with coins. Upon inspection they discovered that the chest had indeed fill back up. Again, behind the players in the previous room, another Rust Monster is spawned (Teleported), making the number of Rust Monsters to deal with once they leave, 2. Unknown to the players the same mechanism that spawns the Rust Monsters also spawns the currency. Keep track of each time the players open the chest, for each time a Rust Monsters is spawned in the previous room.

Bypass Dispel Magic or Antimagic Aura. Once dispelled or suppressed the chest does not refill.

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